Lady of the One Ring

One of a Kind Fantasy Art Sculptures

I have decided to add a links page to many of the great sites that I have used in the past to help me learn to sculpt as well as the resources that I use.  I will also be adding new links as I find them. the best site for sculpting horse, centaurs and other fantasy creatures. - great website/forum for learning to sculpt.  Very friendly and supportive group of talented artist.  Also there are many collectors that are members of this forum as well as materials resources available - Renowned doll artist Patricia Rose's website.  Currently free.  Many tutorials for making one of a kind dolls.  Forum. - Virtual pose library.  Esther is wonderful and is a tremendous resource for artists.  Highly recommended for anyone wanting to find resources for poses.  She also does special requests. - the premier website for making/recreating your own Lord of the Rings costumes from this incredible fantasy movie. - Natasha's (Red October) ebay store.  Natasha is a wonderful doll making artist that pretty much stocks everything you will need to create your own unique One of a Kind creation.  She also has some wonderful tutorials available.  I would strongly recommend checking out Natasha's site.