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One of a Kind Fantasy Art Sculptures

Welcome to my Tutorial Page

I will be adding tutorials from time to time on how to make a One Of A Kind (OOAK) art doll.  Currently available:  armature tutorials, fairy wing tutorials, and simple eye lens tutorial, just scroll down and click the link to the tutorial you want.  I will also be posting  some tutorials on some of the specific elements of making my Lord of the Ring Dolls, such as some of the costumes.  Those will appear under the specific character.  I will let you know what is available here and provide a link to those specific tutorials. 


Available Tutorials


OOAK Doll Making

  • Armatures (several from simple to free-standing)
  • Fairy Wings (using several different media)

  • How to make a Fairy Wings Template
  • (this tutorial also has several templates available)
  • Eyes (mock inset and polymer "glass" eyes, painting)
  • Small doll (less than 12 inch) hand armature

Lord of the Rings

  • Skeleton (armature)

  • Hand and Foot Armatures
  • Legolas' Jerkin - under construction


  • Miniature Lantern

To view several of the tutorials you will need to become a member, membership is free.  To join just click onto the "members" page and follow the instructions.  To access these tutorials after you have registered just click on the picture to access the full instructions.

 Happy Doll Making,


In-set Polymer Eye Tutorial
(There are several tutorials under this page ranging from very simple to complex and everything in-between)

Large Doll Armature (24")
Large 3D Multimedia Wings
Making Fairy Wing Templates


Miniature Lantern Tutorial