Lady of the One Ring

One of a Kind Fantasy Art Sculptures

Our Furry Friends

Here are our furry friends, ones that are still with us and some that have gone to heaven.  Our pets just add so much joy to our lives and love us unconditionally bringing a smile to our face when we are down or just that wonderful greeting at the door when we get home from work.  Gotta lov'em.

June 5, 2015
Well I'm very excited.  Yesterday we adopted a siamese rescue from Siamese Rescue.  His name is Jack R. and I can't wait for him to come join our family.  Finger's crossed he will be my studio cat.  My studio has been so empty without my faithful helpers.  Just waiting for transport via the Meezer Express.  Here is a picture of our new handsome boy.  My new boy is scheduled to arrive on June 13th, can't wait.

My Assistants

I just want everyone to know that I have a ton of help with creating my dolls.

This is Oscar...he makes sure that the sewing machine properly threaded and helps to guide the pieces through the sewing machine by grabbing the starting threads in his teeth.  Here he is helping me weft hair.  

He has worked really hard and is taking a well deserved rest.

Well I finally have a picture of Ms. Minnie (a.k.a. Mouse)  She occasionally comes down to help me in my studio.  Here she is helping me wrap wire around one of my large doll hand armatures.



Other Furry Friends

Ms. Snackums (a.k.a.  Socks) 

This is Oscar's sister and she is being given some special lovin time by her human Nikki.


This is Rufus....we got him from the MSPCA in Boston.  He's just having a great time at the pond.  He's definitely a water boy.

We have no idea what type of mutt he is, the only thing we know is he is part Dachshund...the other is anyone's guess.


Chloe is the my son's new kitty.  She was just simply abandoned in a field and my daughter found her.  She was given to Cory as a gift after his beloved kitty Ms. Cosmic died.  Ms. Chloe loves her boy and she spends much time riding around on the back of Cory's shoulders.  She's not toooooo spoiled...nah.


Our faithful companions that have left us.

October 13, 2014

It is very sad that we had to add my other studio kitty to the pet cemetery this past weekend.  We had to put down my longest studio cat Ms. Tiki on Saturday, October 11, 2014.  I went down to my studio Sunday and it was just so empty without my faithful companions.  Oscar is my only studio kitty left. 

This is Miss Tiki....she makes sure the fabric is smooth and holds it down for me.  While trying to help me with some satin fabric, Ms. Tiki had quite a scare.  The fabric started to slide and she slipped off the table fabric and all into a folding chair....she and the fabric hit the back of the chair and it folded up around her and she was in a pouch of fabric trapped in the chair on the floor....after such a traumatic experience, she is chillin out. She kinda has an expression of don't even thing about me helping you any more today.  Rest in peace little girl, my studio is so empty without you.

April 27, 2013

Well very sad news on the furry friends front.....our big guy Mr. Smudgie had to be put down last weekend.  He developed total kidney failure.  Haven't been in the mood to do much of anything.  He will be sorely missed.  Here's to my studio cat.

This is Smudge and he helps clean all of my paint brushes.  As you can see he has cleaned many brushes and is waiting patiently for more paint brushes to clean.

Unlike my other two faithful companions, Smudge is no quitter.  Since Smudgie is so dedicated I told him he could take a brake and watch some TV.  Just the picture of comfort.  Rest in peace big guy, my studio is so empty without you.

 Ms. Cosmic Creepers
This is my son's cat who absolutely adored her.  We have some very sad news to of my faithful helpers has died, Miss Cosmic Creepers.  She lived a great life and was pampered everyday, she was over 17 when she died of cancer.   God works in mysterious ways and I guess my husband and I were meant to be home that day.  We went to check on her and when called she could barely lift her head.  I picked her up off the bath floor because I knew she wasn't going to last.  I held her in my arms and comforted her and pet her, she was purring.  After a few minutes her breath started to become very labored.  I kissed her on the head and told her it was time to let go and with that she took her final breath and died in my arms.
She died on September 6, 2012, the same day my mother-in-law passed away the year before.


We very much  believe in rescue of animals, Jake was one such soul.

Missy was my mom and dad's girl.  She was a pure breed Westie and she lived the life of a princess.  We would walk her and Jake....definitely Mutt and Jeff and so funny to see together, but they were great friends.  This was her last picture before she finally had to be put down, she was almost 15 years old and lived the life of a princess.