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One of a Kind Fantasy Art Sculptures

                                             Single Panel wings

I currently have only 1 style of wings available as single panels.  The wings can be made in whatever color you may like and can be embellished with flowers, ribbons, charms, filigrees, etc.  Below are some examples of the various possibilities for these wings.

 Winter's Frost Fairy Wings

Lavender Iridescent Fairy Wings 

Blood Red Iridescent Adult Fairy Wings

 Adult Blood Red Iridescent Fairy Wings

Etsy Shop

 Under Construction - please stop by again.  I will be adding new wing and costume options as they become available.  


I have recently decided to start selling my fairy wings on Etsy and as a result opened a shop.  My shop name is LadyOfTheOneRing.

I'm not only going to be doing adult fairy wings, I will also be doing some accessories for costumes such as crowns, gauntlets, corsets, etc.   I will be adding items as time permits with my crazy schedule and life. Below are various custom order wings that can be purchased through my Etsy Shop.  Here you will see various options that are available to make your wings One of A Kind.   I also do fully customized work so if you have something in mind contact me through my Etsy Store and let me create something truly unique just for you.

  • Single Panel
  • Double Panel
  • Triple Panel
  • Custom Projects

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Double Panel Wings

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