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One of a Kind Fantasy Art Sculptures

Welcome to my Lord of the Rings Doll Making Adventures

My Personal Note

Hi and welcome to my website and the absolutely beautiful world of One Of A Kind (OOAK) art dolls.  Part of my goal with this site is to not only have a place to display my art but to also share my personal trials and tribulation with my doll making experience.  There have been so many wonderful artists that have shared their incredible talent with me that I feel this is just my small way of honoring them and giving something back. 

Please bear with this siteÖitís definitely a work in progress. 

The way I have this structured is to provide you some of the basic things that must be taken into consideration when creating one of these dolls, and then some specific details about my own dolls, particularly my Lord of the Ring dolls which has turned into an all out obsessionÖ.lol.  I love a good challenge.  I have also created several tutorials for how Iíve created my dolls based on what has worked for me.  As you gain experience you will find what works and what doesnít work for yourself, and based on that you will eventually develop your own unique style.  It really becomes a personal thing.  At times this journey can be very frustrating but thatís all just part of the learning and growing experience. It is also the most amazing feeling when you finally break through and figure something out or actually create your very first doll (that you're actully not embarrased to show to your friends).   Just hang in there and you too will be creating beautiful One of a Kind art dolls.  So grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and come along.

Happy Doll Making

Blessings, Lady


A Little About Me

Iím from the New England area and work as an Environmental Engineer.  For many years and as a side line to my career, my husband and I built houses for fun (general contracted to the walls and then we fully finished the interior).  For therapy from all this work I would do crafts, little fabric dolls and animals, some stained glass, a bit of woodworking type stuff, etc.

I never really intended or even thought to make little fantasy figures or any Lord of the Rings dolls and quite frankly I never even sculpted before.  This adventure, I must say happened quite by accident and as it turns out a wonderful accident for me. 

My son, then thirteen was/is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, just like mom (can't wait for the Hobbit), and we would go to see the movies like once a week, basically until they were no longer in theaters.  He was really interested in collecting some of the dolls and was very disappointed because none of the commercially manufactured dolls looked a whole lot like the characters.   Soooooo, his innocent comment that started this obsession,

ďI know you could do much better and make one for me.Ē

AhhhÖout of the mouthsí of babes.

Well after seeing these movies, and with my sonís innocent little challenge, I wound up getting really inspired.  The movies are just simply amazing and the stunning fantasy world Peter Jackson created was magical.  The rich imagery and costuming just absolutely blew me away.  

Being inspired was one thing, but I did have just one tiny little problem; I had never done anything like this before and had absolutely no clue on even where to begin to fulfill this request.

All my life, since I was a little girl, I have crafted things so I thoughtÖ..Ēah why not; Iíll give it a try.Ē  Little did I know then what an incredible adventure that would take me on, as well as open my eyes to the wonderful world of One of A Kind (OOAK) fantasy art dolls.  I have always been interested in art but never seemed to really find a good match for what I wanted to create until polymer clay came into my life.

Itís been several years now since that request and my son has just about given up hope that I would ever be able to make one of these dolls, but I never stopped trying and never stopped believing in myself. 

It is difficult at times to just simply carve out enough time during our hectic life to be able to get time in my studio.  I also needed to teach myself so many things, like how to sculpt a realistic human face that at times, it was just mind boggling to me, and of course I would get very discouraged.  With my crazy schedule itís taken me years to be able to get comfortable enough with how to sculpt, but I think Iím finally getting there and thatís whatís now driving me to begin work on these dolls again.  Itís been a long journey, and itís not even close to being over, but it has definitely been a very exciting and rewarding journey for me.  Iíve been really excited lately about where my art has been going and look forward now to being able to complete what I started.