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                                                 Welcome to LOTOR         

 Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of One of A Kind (OOAK) Art Dolls.  Here I've posted my trails and tribulations in learning how to make OOAK dolls along with several tutorials.   

I have available for members only tutorials for creating a variety of wire armatures for One of A Kind (OOAK) art dolls.  These tutorials cover creating the most basic wire armature to the most complicated armature that replicates the human skeleton and everything in between.  The larger armatures can be (and is recommended to be) used for multimedia art dolls.   

I've also have several fairy wing tutorials available that cover making wings with tissue paper, fantasy film and transparencies. 

I will be adding new tutorials as time permits.  I hope you find something useful here that will help with your fantasy creations.

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Happy Doll Making


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